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The Collection started off in 1986 or 87, with a very rough Belgian pinfire pistol  offered for $20.  In hindsight that was too much money, as 30 years later its still only worth $20.  That pinfire is features in the "Special Guns" for being our first. It remains one of the most frustrating guns in the collection as we cannot identify the actual maker.

This purchase lead to a collectors licence, which has now been held for over 30 years.  For many years the collection didn't grow, other financial commitments saw to that.  In 2000, the opportunity arose with the purchase of a few long arms.

Each gun in the collection has its own tale.  The collection is broad with examples  from French Revolution, North Africa, The Wild West, Khyber Pass, Zulu Wars, Crimean, Boer War, WW1 and WW2 and various civil applications. 

In 2021, the collection has grown to over 100 firearms and other highly collectables including bayonets, rare dress daggers and other bits.  There are dozens more firearms and weapons to add these include rifles, swords and many other bits and pieces.

Firearms development has lead the world in the industrial processes of Steel and Mechanics. What was being produced in the 1890 is still in many ways unmatched in modern technology.

This site is Rockwood Collection V2 The  information sources are varied they include, Wikipedia,, and Ian Skennerton. Please email me if you find an error.

The collection has now lead to a book.  Proofs, Stamps and Trademarks for Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns.

This being a 5 year project.  Ian Skennerton agreed to edit the book and in doing so was able to source previously

unpublished material.  Each book 140 pages, proofs and marks from 30 plus countries over 1000 diagrams,

more than 200 original photographs and previously unpublished content. Original pictures are from guns the Rockwood Collection and the Terry Rouchle (worlds Largest Colt Walker collection)

Historia Collingendis in Posterium is the motto for is a collectors site established for true Collectors.

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