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Norwich Falls Pistol Company - Liberty

Calibre: 22

Action: Revolver


The pistol is a variety of spur trigger single-action revolvers. Liberty Arms is a trade name of Norwich Falls Pistol Company which was owned by Otis Smith from Norwich New London County, Connecticut, USA which has direct links to Smith and Wesson, Hopkins and Allen  gun makers.  The company was possibly a subsidiarity of Hopkins and Allen of the same town.  The Liberty is a style of pistol also known as a Patriot or Suicide Specials.  This model has the George Washington logo and is believed to have been produced in about 1876.
These little guns were manufactured in a variety of calibres- this being .22 short.  

The significance of these pistols by these companies were that hey were budget, made in high numbers but have survived in low numbers.

They were inspired by the Smith and Wesson Model 1 of 1854 which were high cost pistols of their day.

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