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Smith & Wesson Model 1 second Iddie

Calibre: .22 short

Action: Revolver 7 shot


The Smith & Wesson model 1 second issue is a North American Made revolver. 


S&W produced a number of Variants.  The small calibre handgun was popular during the American Civil War. Models produced from 1857-1868. The revolver was used by north and south forces privately purchased for self defense.


The Tip up system was used in many revolvers since the development of the S&W model 1.


It was the first commercially successful revolver to use rimfire cartridges instead of loose powder, musket ball, and percussion caps. It is a single-action, tip-up revolver holding seven .22 Short black powder cartridges


Originally called the Seven Shooter, the Model 1 was introduced in 1857.  This .22 rim fire revolver was the first practical cartridge revolver and its introduction heralded the end of percussion firearms.

The original patent used by colt was owned by Rollin White who was employed of colt. Rollin White (June 6, 1817 – March 22, 1892) was an American gunsmith who invented a single shot bored-through revolver cylinder that allowed paper cartridges to be loaded from the rear of a revolver's cylinder. Because the open breeches were unprotected from lateral fire, all charges would instantly explode in a chain fire. Only one gun would be built to White's specifications, and that for use in a trial to show the impracticality of the gun. The gun could not fire metallic cartridges.


Smith and Wesson paid white a royalty for use of the patent.

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