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Michel Jamar

Caliber: 450 Adams or 455 Webley

Action: Revolver


JAMAR, Michel, arms manufacturer in Liege, boulevard of Avroy, 16 then street Jean Saint, 26. From 1888 to 1892, it deposits 7 patents for arms inventions and in particular for revolvers and a safety applicable to several species of firearm such as revolvers with hammers, revolvers hammerless and with various kinds of rifles.

The bulldog is a typical Royal Ulster Constabulary shape.  Proof marks on the cylinder tend to date it to post 1900.  The bore is poor, side gate functions with some lag in the pawl.

This gun has a lot of sentimental value.  After the death and a friend, his son searching for "treasures" dug it up in the chook pen.  Where else would you hide a gun. The gun was in very bad condition. After over 2 weeks in a rust removal, hours with a wire brush it was cleaned up and sent to a gunsmith.  He spent a few more hours on it removing the remains of nickle plating before it was re-blued. 

We  call this gun the "JimJo"

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