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Enfield 476 Revolver(brevet)

Caliber: 476 Enfield

Action:  Revolver

Cartridge: Obsolete Black Powder Cartridge


This gun falls into two Categories

The .476 Enfield cartridge was only in British service for a comparatively short period before it was replaced by the black powder-loaded .455 Webley Mark I in 1887[1] and then by the smokeless powder-loaded .455 Webley Mark II in September 1897.Just over 1,000 Enfield Mark IIs were issued to the North-West Mounted Police, and these remained in service until 1911,[2] when the last Enfields were phased out in favour of more modern (and reliable) .45 Colt New Service revolvers.

Our collection is this  Liege copy made by Dresse Lalous a famous Liege gunsmith in the late 1800’s

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