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Bayard 1908





Six Rounds

Bayard  1908

The Bayard 1908 is a semi-automatic pistol that patented and designed by Belgian Bernard Clarus in 1907 as a short-range self-defense handgun. The Bayard 1908 was sold on the civilian market, chambered in .25 ACP, .32 ACP, and .380 ACP. The Belgian factory Anciens Etablissements Pieper produced it from 1908 until the late 1930s. Smith and Wesson engineers reintroduced the design of the Bayard 1908 in their Model 61 pistol, which ran in production from 1970-1973.

The Model 1908 was first available in 7.65mm and .380 (9mm) Bayard Pocket Pistol.

Henri Pieper was a prolific arms manufacturer in Belgium He held 69 Patents for firearms and other inventions. The Pieper line went of to become part of FN Herstal

Bayard (June 9, 1892); Eagle Gun Works, E.Leroy, Modified Diana, P crowned, H.Pieper, Diane, The Leader, Bayard Arms C°, Pieper Arms C°, Premier Arms C°, Damascus Compound, National Arms C°, Henry Arms C°, Royal Gun Works, Le Rationnel (January 4, 1894); Pieper Top Bolt, Schutz Marke, E-K, Eclipse Company, Metropole, Pieper' S Compressed Steel, Monarch Arms C° (of 1894 to 1898)

Register to the proof house of Liège : 1877 - 1898.

Arms produced during the German occupation held the German Eagle proof in place of the Belgian marks. Pieper produced 2 variations with only minute differences

In the course of time Pieper will be enabled, it is declared, also to handle large military rifle orders

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