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Bernadelli Mod 60





Seven Rounds

Bernadelli Mod 60

The company which exists today was founded in 1865 by Vincenzo Bernardelli Italy. In 1997 the V. Bernardelli company was forced into bankruptcy and its assets, brands, and trademarks were acquired by the Turkish company Sarsilmaz. The Bernardelli brand is one of the oldest manufactures of firearms and continues today eventhough now in turkey. The Bernardelli Model USA (Bernardelli Model 60) is an Italian single-action service and target-shooting pistol. It was first produced in 1968 for the American market. It is available chambered for the 7.65 mm ACP, .32 ACP and .22 Long Rifle cartridge and takes a 10- or 7-round magazine The Model 60 was introduced in 1961 and was an update of Bernardelli's previous Pocket Model, the frame forgings being improved to give a more streamlined appearance. The M60 used twin recoil springs to soften the recoil movement of the slide and was available in .22LR, 7.65mm (.32ACP), or 9mm Short (.380). Back to European

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