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Colt Python2020





Six Rounds

Colt Python2020

The Colt Python is a .357 Magnum caliber revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut.[1] It was first introduced in 1955, the same year as Smith & Wesson's M29 .44 Magnum. The Colt Python is intended for the premium revolvermarket segment. Some firearm collectors and writers such as Jeff Cooper, Ian V. Hogg,  Chuck Hawks, Leroy Thompson, Scott Wolber, Renee Smeets and Martin  Dougherty have described the Python as "the finest production revolver  ever made"

In 2020, Colt announced it would be reintroducing the Python in the 4.25" and 6" barrel configurations. The reintroduced Python has been technically revised and reinforced compared to the original revolver

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