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Enfield 476 Revolver(brevet)



476 Enfield

Black Powder

Five Rounds

Enfield 476 Revolver(brevet)

Obsolete Black Powder Cartridge History This gun falls into two Categories The .476 Enfield cartridge was only in British service for a comparatively short period before it was replaced by the black powder-loaded .455 Webley Mark I in 1887[1] and then by the smokeless powder-loaded .455 Webley Mark II in September 1897.Just over 1,000 Enfield Mark IIs were issued to the North-West Mounted Police, and these remained in service until 1911,[2] when the last Enfields were phased out in favour of more modern (and reliable) .45 Colt New Service revolvers. Our collection is this  Liege copy made by Dresse Lalous a famous Liege gunsmith in the late 1800’s

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