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Seven Rounds


The FN Model 1910 is a blowback-operated, semi-automatic pistol designed by John Moses Browning and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium. Browning's final improvement on the concept of the .32- caliber pocket pistol, with the recoil spring positioned around the barrel. 

Patented in 1910(base series design), first produced 1912, last production 1983. Produced in 2 calibre option 9*17(380) and 7.62 (32acp). 1910 590gm with 153mm overall length post 1922 700gm with 178mm overall length. Fn1910 pistols are commonly held in various museums and collections around the world including MAAS collection Australia. Production 1912 -197. 

Timeline -the FN 1910 is impossible to date accurately due to records being lost in ww2. Browning / FN generally used consecutive serial numbering. Modern Browning FN1910 Variants have been produced. A variant of the Model 1910 was known variously as the Model 1922 or 1910/22. This was a larger model with a longer barrel (113 mm), slide extension, and a longer grip frame to accommodate an extra two rounds. This model was aimed at military and police contracts and many examples were produced for various agencies. The FN Model 1910 was initially designed for the Kingdom of Serbia 

1910/1922 pistols went on to see extensive service in World War Two, and continued to be manufactured by the Germans after their occupation of Belgium and seizure of the FN factory. These examples carry Nazi production stamps, and most have simple chequered wood grips instead of the earlier horn or plastic grips bearing the FN logo. 

The Hamada Type U􀀸EBi.t, Hamada shiki) or Hamada Type Automatic handgun was a semi-automatic pistol developed in 1941 for use by the Empire of Japan during World War II. Developed by Bunji Hamada. Production occurred at the Japanese Firearms Manufacturing Company, with only minor changes made as the war progressed. FN did produce 1910 models for Japan "Dai" Kanji dai 7'. symbol. meaning Great Japan records showing sn 421328 1937-1940 contract 

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