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Harrington & Richards 5th Variation





Seven Rounds

Harrington & Richards 5th Variation

Harrington & Richardson is an Historic American gun maker from 1876 until 1986 when purchased by Marlin, then Remington and Now Vista.

The company made 100’s of low cost arms for the American Market. Including Single-shot, pump-action, and semi-auto shotguns, Single-shot rifles, Muzzle-loading rifles, Revolvers, Single-shot target pistols

HR also manufactured arms for the military market including the M16 and M1.

Premier Model.32 S&W 5-shots revolver is a top break style. Small frame double action revolver, with "PREMIER" or "H.&R. PREMIER" marked on the left side of the barrel. Introduced in 1895 and discontinued in 1941. The Premier models can be visually distinguished from the Automatic Ejecting models by the addition of long horizontal cylinder stop notches The premier was patented in 1895. Over a period of 6 years 9 variations were patented

This type of weapon was largely seen in the early 1900's in the big cities, and was much appreciated among travellers, dealers, gamblers, guards, prostitutes and thugs of all kind. Their modest price ensured a large diffusion.

The grip logo is known as the "macho" logos and distinct to the premier

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