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Hopkins and Allen Xl Double Action





Six Rounds

Hopkins and Allen Xl Double Action

Hopkins & Allen Manufacturing Co. of Norwich, Connecticut, was a major manufacturer of rifles, shotguns, and inexpensive cartridge handguns between 1868 and 1915. Hopkins & Allen purchased the assets of the Bacon Manufacturing Company when that firm ceased operations in 1868, a victim of declining government arms purchases after the end of the Civil War. Bacon employees Colonel Charles A. Converse and Samuel S. Hopkins, charged with carrying out the sale of their company, found that the post-war recession made the sale of the firm as difficult as it had been to find buyers for Bacon firearms. Instead, they recruited Horace A. Briggs, Bacon Manufacturing's owner, as well as Samuel Hopkins' brother Charles, and Charles H. Allen as business partners.

Hopkins & Allen manufactured a variety of spur trigger single-action revolvers in .22, .32, and .38 calibers with trade names such as ACME, American Eagle, Blue Jacket, Captain Jack, Chichester, Defender, Dictator, Imperial Arms Co., Monarch, Mountain Eagle, Ranger, Tower's Police Safety, Universal, and XL, and later hinged-frame double-action models.[8]Hopkins & Allen manufactured revolvers for Forehand & Wadsworth under contract as well as shotguns, rifles, and derringers for various sporting goods stores.

Hopkins and Allen went into bankruptcy in 1898 but reorganised as Hopkins and Allen Co in 1902 until final bankruptcy 1915.

Hopkins and Allen manufactured arms for other companies inc Forehand & Wadsworth

The company is part of a success of line of Arms manufactures in the USA Marlin-Rockwellpurchasing inventory and equipment after the bankruptcy. Marlin eventually being absorbed by Remington, Freedom arms and now Vista outdoors.

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