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Kimber 1911 Southern Cross




Ten Rounds

Kimber 1911 Southern Cross

The Kimber 1911 is based of the Colt M1911 handgun first issued in 1912. The Colt 1911, used the Browning Patent.

The Kimber Southern cross 1911 is a full sized,  limited edition pistol is an Australian market exclusive and features a striking sapphire blue slide with the stars of the southern cross engraved across the front along with selected sapphire blue furniture. It also features blue/black ball-milled G-10 thin grips and an exclusive

This Kimber 1911 only 100 produced Australia logo on the top of the slide.

The metal colouring process is called PDV this was used specifically for the Southern Cross Model.

Kimber Background

An Australian, Jack Warne moved to Oregon in 1968 after Portland-based Omar Industries purchased the Australian firearms manufacturer, Sporting Arms (or Sportco), he had founded in Adelaide, South Australia, following World War II.

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