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Melior New Model Melior Type 2





Six Rounds

Melior  New Model Melior Type 2

Henri Rosier’s patents 1907, were used to produce The Jieffeco and Melior. The Melior resembles a Browning 1899 and 1900.  The identical pistols could be marked either Jieffeco and Melior.

The Melior was produced in two calibres 7.65 (32acp) and 7.35 (25acp). There were 4 models with differences in sights, grip, slide and proofmarks. This is model no 2. The pistol was produced by the Robar and DeKerkhove, in Liege, Belgium. from 1921. The company going into receivership in 1957

The breech block incorporates the firing pin, firing pin spring, cocking indicator, and extractor.

breech block is held in the slide by a dovetailed transverse locking piece fixed to the slide by a spring-loaded lever which also serves as the rear sight. Grip Safety

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