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Smith and Wesson Model of 1905





Six Rounds

Smith and Wesson Model of 1905

The .38 Smith & Wesson Model Military & Police Model of 1905 is the third of Smith & Wesson's .38 Hand Ejector models. Later models in this series include the .38 Military & Police Victory Model and the The Model 1905, as with the other .38 Hand Ejector models, is a six-shot revolver built on the Smith and Wesson K frame, with a swing-out cylinder chambered in .38 Special.

At various times throughout its production, it was offered with a round or square butt grip frame; checkered walnut or hard rubber grip stocks; with or without a lanyard ring on the butt; blue, nickel, or chrome (produced in very small quantities) finish; and a barrel length of 2", 4", 5", 6", or 6.5". This model had a "five screw" frame, with four screws holding the side plate and one screw at the front of the trigger guard.

Pre-WW2 U.S. Navy Smith & Wesson Military & Police Revolver marked U.S.N.C.P.C. which stands for the US Navy Civilian Police Corps, an organization that never actually came into existence.  Modern Day equivalent may well be Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

The USA entered ww2 in December 1941. Hence this revolver is considered pre war.

These revolvers, (there were 3,000) were shipped to the United States Naval Yard in Washington DC in early 1941 and were actually issued to Naval Intelligence officers, and into regular Naval Service.  Some have even been reported as having been sent to the RAF. This can almost be considered to be a pre-pre-Victory Model.  Very few of these guns are known to still exist and this is certainly a decent enough example that comes with a Smith Factory Letter as well.  Certainly one of the most desirable Naval Issue handguns of the WW2 era.

The Civilian Police Corps never really formed as planned but the guns were issued to and used by various defense agencies, contractors, the merchant marine and many others with needs for security weapons.

The only real difference between the model 1905, fourth change and the U.S.N.C.P.C. guns were the addition of a lanyard loop and the markings on the backstrap

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