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Webley & Scott  1908 1911





Six Rounds

Webley & Scott  1908 1911

Webley's first autoloading pistol was an experimental pistol in .45 calibre produced in 1903; mass production began in 1906 with the .32 ACP (7.65 mm) model. This pistol had a 3.5" barrel and an 8-round magazine. A .25 (6.35 mm) version had a 3-inch barrel and a 6-round magazine. Ultimately pistols were produced in a range of bores from .22 inch to .455 inch, and included 9 mm models. Webley self-loaders were simple, single-action blowback pistols, designed by William Whiting. Production ceased in 1940 Our collection has several Webley Pistols. Wiki ref

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