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Webley 1907 - Model of 1908





Six Rounds

Webley 1907 - Model of 1908


Webley & Scott is an arms manufacturer founded in Birmingham, England. Webley produced handguns and long guns from 1834 to 1979, when the company ceased to manufacture firearms and instead turned its attention to producing air pistols and air rifles. In 2010 Webley & Scott restarted the production of shotguns for commercial sale.

The Webley company was founded in the late 18th century by William Davies, who made bullet moulds. It was taken over in 1834 by his son-in-law, Philip Webley, who began producing percussion sporting guns. The manufacture of revolvers, for which the firm became famous, began twenty years later. At that time the company was named P. Webley & Son. In 1897 Webley amalgamated with W & C Scott and Sons to become The Webley & Scott Revolver and Arms Company Ltd of Birmingham.

Pistol History

The Browning 6.35 mm cartridge was designed in the U.S. in the period 1903-1904, but was first manufactured commercially in Belgium in 1906. The cartridge (and the FN Browning pistol it was designed for) was an instant success. Arms manufacturers throughout Europe began to design small self-loading pistols to shoot the new cartridge. Diminutive auto pistols became a “craze,” and Webley & Scott sought to claim a piece of the market for themselves. USA introduction saw this as the 25acp in 1908 (same gun)

As early as 22 December 1906, John Carter and John Townsend Murray of Webley & Scott filed a patent for a gun that appears to have been intended to fire the 6.35 mm Browning Cartridge. The gun was of an innovative design, with the recoil spring surrounding the striker, a front-mounted grip safety, and a barrel held in place by an angled screw beneath it. British patent number 1906-29,221 was granted on 28 November 1907. But this gun was never manufactured.

Age Notes

Pistols Exported before World War I were stamped MADE IN ENGLAND on the left side beneath the three-line inscription.  1914-1918  Serial no on left side was eliminated after ww1

War Time Use

The 1907 was not used formally by military, however they were used by SEO agents in WW2. One of batch of 2,200 made during July-December 1914.  12 Groves made before 1914. 


Webley Collection - Collection holds a number of Webley pistols and revolvers. The collection has a early 1907 Model. This version is the specific 1908 Manufacture that has different features.

Pocket Pistol collection – Collection Holds a number of pocket style pistols including webleym browning, MAB, Beretta, CZ and Wather.


The blue book of gun values shows that a pistol in this condition may be worth $1500 au 2020. The pistol in 2010 was worth $600au. The investment value suggests the trend in trebling every 10 years.

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