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Webley Mk 4 - Birds Head



455 eley


Five Rounds

Webley Mk 4 - Birds Head

The Webley Mark 1 was introduced by the British Government on the 18th July 1887 to 1894 - Investment - This model IV  made in 1894 is one of 5000 made for private market to use both 450 adams and 455 eley. - ie private military from  Army & Navy Co-operative stores. Blue book of gun values suggests increasing value - last listed up to  $2500US - current outlay 800au. Thematic - Australian and British Commonwealth standard-issue sidearm for the Boer War, World War I and II, and beyond, the Webley MkVI .455 calibre revolver. Historic - CA SAC06 means reproofed for South African Constabulary in 1906 Thematic - Webley Birdshead Grip classic (distinctive shaped handgrio Precis The revolver was made in 1894 as designated by the manufacture of the revolvers in 450/455. Served as a private firearm for imperial force (England/Aust) before being assigned to the South African Constabulary in 1906 or there about. Mixed Ref

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