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Webley Mk1





Six Rounds

Webley Mk1

Production The first Webley self-extracting revolver adopted for service, officially adopted 8 November 1887

Issue date suggests between the Boer wars Between 1893 and 1896 when  Major General Edward Hutton, a British Army officer, commanded the New South Wales Forces. He would later be instrumental in establishing the newly formed Australian Army.

Approximately 40,000 Mark I's were produced until the model was discontinued in 1894, the highest known serial number being 41349.  It was chambered for the black powder .455 Mark I Government cartridge.  There were 35,000 made for military contract and were military proofed.  Examples stamped with an N on the top of the grip behind the hammer and usually with a large crow’s foot on the top strap indicated issue to the Royal Navy.

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