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Webley RIC



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Webley RIC


The Webley RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) model was Webley's first double-action revolver, and adopted by the RIC in 1868, hence the name. It was a solid frame, gate-loaded revolver, chambered in .442 Webley. General George Armstrong Custer was known to have owned a pair, which he is believed to have used at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

A small number of early examples were produced in the huge .500 Tranter calibre, and later models were available chambered for the .450 Adams and other cartridges.

Australian History  One of the fist retailers of guns in Australia

William Emery Ekins was a prominent Adelaide gunsmith born in North Adelaide in 1853 to George and Mary Anne Ekins. William was apprenticed to “The Practical English Gun­maker” R. Marjoram who had a business at 37A King William Street. Ekins became a partner in the business and eventually bought out his partner in 1878. William Emery Ekins died in 1937 but the business was carried on by his son Archie as general manger until his death in 1959. Archie’s son Dennis, together with his son Ashley, carried on until the business was wound up in 1969 after 91 years service to the shooting public. 13

It appears William Emery Ekins was a man of many talents, from being considered one of the best shots around Adelaide to winning an Order of Merit at the 1887 Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition for a display of guns, pistols and other implements. He also held patents for an automatic cartridge loading machine, wind gauge, and elevating rifle sight, and produced his own line of shotgun cartridges. From all accounts William was considered not only a fine gunsmith but also a very competent gun maker.

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