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Webley Tempest




Air Gun

Single Shot

Webley Tempest

The first air guns were developed as early as the 16th century, and have since been used in hunting, sporting and even warfare. France, Austria and other nations had special sniper detachments using air rifles. The Austrian 1770 model was named Windbüchse (literally "wind rifle" in German). 

Thematic Webley & Scott is an arms manufacturer founded in Birmingham, England. Webley produced handguns and long guns from 1834 to 1979, when the company ceased to manufacture firearms and instead focused on producing air pistols and air rifles.

In 1920 the passing of the Firearms Act in the UK, which limited the availability of handguns to civilians, caused their sales to plummet. As a result, the company began producing pneumatic guns, their first being the Mark I air pistol.  The tempest is a continuation of deveoplment in their range.  The tempest is an improvement in manufacture process on the Hurricane.  

This pistol marked Birmingham England fefore being maked in Turkey in 1980's

Thematic - curent collection of Webley and scott hand guns with several movela and variations.  including bulldogs and military revolvers

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