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Whitney Navy

Caliber: 36

Action: Revolver cap and Ball

Obsolete Black Powder


About 35,500 Whitney Navy revolvers were manufactured, including about 1,500 of the First Model and approximately 34,000 of the Second Model.  Both models went through a few improvements. This revolver is listed by serial number as the first transition revolver when six safety notches started to be made on Page 23 of the Whitney revolver book.
This revolver came on the scene just prior to the War Between the States.  An improved second model was developed as the War began and sales increased as Whitney worked to market his revolver.  The Navy Model is 36 caliber with a standard barrel length of 7 5/8 inches.   The term “Navy” referred to the caliber and size of the revolver.  These revolvers were purchased by both the US Army and Navy.

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