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Belgian(Liege) Gun Makers

Belgian gun makers fall into two Categories in our Collection.

The Golden Age which is the period 1814 to 1914. In this period the Belgian makers made copies of some of the worlds best known guns t the time.  These include the American Colt and The British Webley.  The puppy, velodog and bulldog were exported around the world.

Brevet was stamped on many belgian copies (authorised or not).  Although considered budget in their day they are high quality. A number of makers were regarded as master craftsman and are high sought after by collectors.   A strict proof house system was in place.

The Second period is Modern period.  Herstal in Belgium is a leading manufacture of some of the best armaments of the 20th Century.  FN is one of those brands. Browning (USA) patents are a major influence on the Modern Handgun. 

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